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Lessons Metaverse Builders Can Learn from the Success of Gaming Giants like Fortnite and Roblox

Metaverse is a term that describes virtual worlds in which people can socialize and play. It has been hailed as the next big technology. Meta struggles to retain and attract users despite billions of dollars spent on building metaverse experiences such as Horizon Worlds. Sandbox, Decentraland and other big names are facing similar problems. It's easy for you to wonder why.

What went wrong, and is the metaverse dream dead? Before you jump to that conclusion, let's not forget that there are still some metaverse platforms that are thriving. Fortnite boasts 30 million users, and Roblox has over 37 million. What can metaverse developers learn from the success of these gaming platforms?

Fortnite's and Roblox's success has taught us the importance of gamification - integrating rewards and achievements to the virtual experience in order to keep users interested and returning. There must be an incentive to encourage users to invest time and effort into the virtual world. It is not enough for them to walk around or dance in virtual clubs, but they also need to earn virtual currency. The incentives could be anything from virtual currency to unlocking new experiences and items to reaching new levels.

The value of community-driven development is another important lesson that can be learned from the gaming world. Metaverse builders need to listen to users' requests and implement their suggestions. Metaverse builders need to take note of games that have endured over the years and understand the importance of providing an ever-evolving entertainment service. It means that you should be open to user feedback, test new features and constantly update the virtual world.

Metaverse builders can also learn from games such as Roblox and Minecraft, which encourage creativity and imagination within virtual worlds. Users will be more engaged in virtual worlds if they are given the tools to create and build. Users can customize their avatars and create their own environment. They can even develop games or experiences.

Metaverse may not have been as successful as some had hoped, but it is still a success. Metaverse builders can make the metaverse real by learning from successful gaming platforms, and focusing their efforts on creating engaging and rewarding virtual worlds. Metaverse is a vision for the future that will take time, patience and continual improvement in order to become a reality. We all know that good things do take time.

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