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Upgrade Your Assistant Game: Meet Athena, the Virtual Assistant Who Will Do Your Bidding

Are you exhausted of having to do your own menial tasks? Engage XR has you covered! Their new metaverse platform features Athena - their virtual assistant extraordinaire! Previously known as VR Education, this Irish company officially launched their enterprise-focused metaverse this past Friday.

Voice-activated employees can take voice-controlled orders and complete tasks such as providing advice, answering queries, creating AI imagery or even writing sticky notes! Engage XR CEO David Whelan has stated that Athena marks only the start of an extensive development roadmap utilizing artificial intelligence applications within their platform, giving clients "superpowers." Imagine having your very own virtual assistant do your dirty work. Engage XR is planning to offer custom AI employees at a premium to its enterprise clients, each one tailor-made with their own personality. So why settle for an uninspired human assistant when virtual ones like Athena could prove much more reliable and willing to get work done? Just don't blame us when Athena becomes your boss!

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